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Sarah Hamel-Smith - Big Fat Lies A Journey to Self-Love

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Diet culture, starving ourselves, food guilt, being at war with our shape, fat phobia, body shame. It’s a special kind of torture and what I’ve discovered is that no woman is immune to this hell. For plus-sized women, magnify the feelings of pain by 100 because of how our culture responds to those who don’t fit in, literally.

  • Listen in as we talk about Sarah’s life growing up as a fat and happy child and what her uncle told her about her weight and her worth.
  • Hear about how the fashion industry disregards plus-sized women and how much of the population that actually omits.
  • Gain insight into how fat phobia is literally everywhere in our culture and why it’s so important that we start to recognize how we unconsciously perpetuate it.
  • Fall in love with Sarah’s fierce rebellion as she shares a story about literally prying her braces off of her own teeth with a pair of pliers and why she was so hell bent to make everyone around her stop trying to make her conform to their standards of beauty.

This woman is a beautiful force to be reckoned with, taking plus-sized to the mainstream without asking for permission. GO SARAH!

Sarah Hamel-Smith aka @thecurvytrini is a New York based TEDx presenter, plus-sized model, storyteller and digital influencer represented by TRUE Model Management. She is the co-Founder of Plus Amplified, an organization dedicated to educating and empowering those who live in plus-sized bodies and serves as a catalyst for cultural and internal shifts towards size equity.

After being body shamed for many years she decided to be one of the people who changes the way beauty is defined in society.

Sarah has worked with several major fashion brands as a model, motivational speaker and influencer including Eloquii, Veronica Beard, Universal Standard and Tommy Hilfiger at Macy’s and has been featured as a model and writer in BTFL Magazine. Sarah has presented at NYU and NYWICI as a subject matter expert in influencer marketing and at FIT as an expert in Plus Size Fashion.

Sarah has been featured on CBS News and Crain’s New York speaking out about the dangers of diet culture and has modeled on Good Morning America and as well as InStyle Magazine as a plus size style icon and featured on Billboards in Times Square for New York Fashion Week.

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