Episode 75

Gayle Nowak - The Heart Knows The Way

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Have you ever noticed that ever since your business showed up in your life, so have your deepest fears and false beliefs stories and wounds buried deep in your subconscious as well? There's a reason for that. Our guest today, Gayle Nowak says that when you dare to listen to your wounded heart, you begin to heal and free yourself from the pain, fear and false belief that are keeping you stuck in your business.

Gayle is a transformational retreat leader and founder of the story stylist and award winning expert positioning consultancy for speakers, authors and mission led entrepreneurs. She's passionate about creating experiences for messengers, healers, and entrepreneurial lightworkers that help them get real about how they truly feel so that they can find the message and story that best positions their magic.

As a result, her clients clear their visibility blocks and show up powerfully. To speak and lead from a happy, loving heart

  • Listen in and learn why our biggest mess is also our most powerful message and how Gayle discovered vulnerability as the source of strength for her clients.
  • Our business’s success is often directly proportional to our willingness to do our healing work.
  • Our wounded hearts hold a resonance for truth telling and that by revealing our true story, we directly attract the clients who are meant for us.
  • Learn why getting out of your head and into your heart is the quickest path to showing up powerfully.
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