Episode 76

Kristi Frank - The Millionaire within HER

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Kristi Frank is a rockstar. She’s warm, loving, fun, and incredibly smart. She is the founder of the documentary series “The Millionaire Within Her” which was just released yesterday.

I made space for this impromptu episode because once I heard what she was up to, I was super excited to amplify it. I share it with all of you so that together we can get her work out in the world in a bigger way because it’s all about our inner wealth as women.

Kristi Frank, star of Season #1 of ‘The Apprentice,' is well known for helping entrepreneurs start and grow their online businesses. This business, health, and beauty guru has appeared on every major network TV show from ‘Oprah’ to ‘The View,' subsequently helping thousands of entrepreneurs transform their lives and businesses. Watch her in action here: Kristi on 'Oprah'

  • Listen to us discuss why women why now - why is the wealth of the world shifting to women?
  • Hear about Kristi’s own story of finding her inner worth and what it took for her to finally “get it."
  • It’s so important that we band together as sisters and realize that our worth needs to shine. This is the time to lift each other up when we're shining - together we can solve anything.
  • Money's just an energy, money is just here to serve us. Women can use money as a conduit to change the world.
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