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Sophie Strand - Catching Feathers & Ecological Embodiment

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*There are no accidents. *

As we awaken to our true work in the world, synchronicity becomes more frequent and intensely delightful.

Synchronicity is how we know that we are exactly where we need to be and that we are “right on time” with the divine.

It so happens that this idea of being “on time” is exactly the topic Sophie Strand writes about. Her piece, Catching The Feather, stopped me mid-Facebook scroll and took my breath away. Something in my body resonated at a cellular level, and I realized that she was speaking to a truth my body remembered.

I’ve been on a quest these past few months to reacquaint myself with my inner wild. That free and innate part of myself that has been tamed and contained, that forgot how to listen to the natural rhythm of life and needs to pick up the drum beat and dance. To allow myself to howl in my loneliness and smell my way to my knowing and dare to open to my ancient wisdom and memory. The wild part of me that remembers who I was before I was domesticated and separated from my true mother, mother earth, and the sensorial ecstasy of being alive outside the confines of the patriarchy.

Whenever I put my life and my intentions inside of my personal “Revelation Project,” I am always guided to the next human or experience, or tree, river, feather (ahem) I need to meet on my remarkable journey. My job is simply to trust that more will be revealed, and you know what?

More always is.

I’m honored to introduce you to Sophie Strand.

Sophie has much to teach us about returning to our senses and trusting our original design. As deeply interconnected beings, we are always at choice to feel into the intelligence that surrounds us and is within us. She invites us to speak to the trees, listen deeply to what the rivers have to say, and embody the community of mycelium to know more about truth, healing, and reciprocity. To decenter ourselves is to return to the wonder of nature and to discover where true love lives.

Thank you, Sophie, for your incredible work in the world! You are a revelation!

Listen in to our conversation to hear more about:

  • During the pandemic, when time and structure began to melt and we had to restructure our lives, Sophie began catching feathers while on her walks. She believes they held messages.
  • Our linear minds have a way of thinking about ourselves and the world that surrounds us. For many of us, the concept of “time” can be reimagined and reinterpreted as it’s changed.
  • Life is always giving us messages and symbols and numbers. Specific animals also often hold medicine and messages for us if we are willing to be curious and open to those.
  • What if we were to re-wild our understanding of the divine and even Mary Magdalene and Jesus? How would that change our understanding or our relationship to what they symbolized and the message of love they wanted to plant within us?
  • Revisiting myths before the patriarchy co-opted them is also a fertile place to revisit ideas of masculine and feminine.
  • The Greek word pharmacon can mean medicine or poison. It means “powerful substance.” Myths are like that - they can be medicine or poison.
  • Patriarchy has been conflated with masculine, and masculine has been conflated with patriarchy.
  • We need to re-wild myths with ecology because they are rooted there.

Sophie Strand is a writer based in the Hudson Valley who focuses on the intersection of spirituality, storytelling, and ecology. Her books of poetry include Love Song to a Blue God (Oread Press) and Those Other Flowers to Come (Dancing Girl Press) and The Approach (The Swan). She has recently finished a work of historical fiction that offers an eco-feminist revision of the gospels. Her book of essays, The Flowering Wand: Lunar Kings, Lichenized Lovers, Transspecies Magicians, and Rhizomatic Harpists Heal the Masculine, is forthcoming from Inner Traditions' imprint Sacred Planet. Follow her on Facebook or Instagram @cosmogyny.

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