Episode 90

Alix Klingenberg - Secrets and Stars


September 1st, 2021

1 hr 1 min 28 secs

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About this Episode

Poetry has always held a special place in my heart. I love Alix, and I’ve noticed that not only does she write gorgeous poems, she is also a beautiful and insightful speaker. Everything she says makes you want to write it down!

In this episode, we dive into what it is to be polyamorous and how Alix writes poems in collaboration with her higher self. We also talk about creativity, spiritual wholeness, sobriety, imperfection, soul-retrieval, and most importantly, accepting ourselves entirely as we are: with all of our messy contradictions and identities.

Rev. Alix Klingenberg is a photographer, spiritual director, and poet. She’s been writing essays and blogs (Highly Sensitive Extrovert) for several years, but only in the past year has begun to bring her poetry out of her journals and into the public. She self-published her first poetry collection, “Secrets and Stars,” in November of 2020. Alix also leads online creative arts courses and lives in MA with her family, 2 black cats, and a small dog named Cricket.

  • Polyamorous means many loves.
  • Alix wants us to examine our obsession with singular love and the many ways we suppress ourselves and limit ourselves.
  • Everything forces us to separate and divide and choose a side but wisdom stands in the middle.
  • Creativity is a rejection of the binary and being willing to explore and add and expand.
  • We all already know how to write poetry. Every single person already knows how and we don't need to do anything except write it down and stop censoring ourselves.
  • Poetry got a bad rap back then and now it is more mainstream and modern - many of us remember having poetry forced on us in school. Old poetry and odes and it was hard to relate to the language.
  • Sometimes we have to re-evaluate and reject some of the traditional models of success, and find our own definition.
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