Episode 93

Liz Childs Kelly - On Our Way Home to Her


September 22nd, 2021

1 hr 4 mins 12 secs

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About this Episode

Who or what is the sacred feminine, and why is her wisdom essential at this time in our collective evolution?

Liz Childs Kelly is one of my favorite people, and while I have not known her long, she is someone that feels so familiar - as if I’ve always known her. I fell into an instant kinship with her after she interviewed me on her own podcast, Home To HER, which I highly recommend subscribing to.

In this episode, we dish about her work with the sacred feminine and how the sacred feminine intersects with all things mysterious, Indigenous, natural, messy, and wild. She is everything and yet defies definition. In many ways, she is paradox itself! Enjoy our nuanced and delicious conversation and laugh along with us as we try to find the language to describe the sacred feminine. In addition, we share some personal stories about messy human “stuff” that’s coming up in our everyday lives and why these gritty conversations need more space and grace in honor of the sacred feminine.

  • Liz shares her personal story of awakening to the sacred feminine and who she was before and who she was after.
  • What does the word “sacred” mean when describing the feminine source?
  • Hear how Liz has come to know her own experience with the sacred feminine and how it influences her work in the world.
  • Listen in as we talk about God as a male and why we call “bull” on that.
  • Liz realized that there were gaps in our spiritual experiences - especially the spiritual nature of childbirth.
  • Why were women purposefully steered away from knowing her story? How can knowing our herstory and actual history help us reclaim the sacred feminine?
  • What is the connection between the sacred feminine and the natural world?
  • Learn about Liz's experience in mystery school.
  • Why does life get so much better after uncovering the hidden wisdom of the sacred feminine?
  • How can we reclaim our relationship with the sacred feminine? Join us to learn what we can do to seek and explore more of her in our lives.

Liz Childs Kelly is a writer, Sacred Feminine researcher and educator, community builder, initiated priestess in the 13 Moons Lineage, and the host of the Home to Her podcast, which is dedicated to amplifying the voices of the Sacred Feminine. She is also the co-host of the Revelry series of online events, which invite women from around the world to participate in ecstatic, embodied celebrations of the gifts of each season, and she is an instructor in the social change platform Advaya's upcoming 12-week online course, The Call of the Wild Feminine. Liz is in the process of completing her first book, titled Home to Her: Reclaiming the Ancient Wisdom of the Sacred Feminine. She is a mother of two and currently lives in central Virginia, USA, on the ancestral lands of the Monacan people.

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