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Cherie Burton - Feminine Embodiment

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How would your world change if you had an authentic, powerful connection to your body, to your soul, to the divine, and to others?
These times represent an embossed invitation with each of our names on it to go deep within to know ourselves more fully.

For most of our lives, we have been taught not to trust our bodies or our knowing. Therefore we learned to give our power to authorities such as educators, medical professionals, and those credentialed to “know better."

Reclaiming our own inner authority seems to be the message of these times as we learn how to unplug from the matrix and reveal our personal truth as chaos continues to swirl around us. This means that we also have to face the inner shadows of our human mess to feel into the truth that can only be found through our bodies and merging with our own physicality. Hello Fear!

There's an invitation to get intimate with the emotions and feelings that make us uncomfortable and learn to approach ourselves with love, compassion, and curiosity, and to befriend even the parts of ourselves that scare us.

Listen in as Cherie and I talk about what we are craving at a soul level and how these times beckon us to look beneath the surface and soul dive into our own inherent wisdom to discover our divinity through our beautiful bodies.

Cherie Burton is a mother of 6, author, international speaker, Women Seeking Wholeness podcast host, international business owner, and emotional restoration expert. She has worked in clinical mental health settings and now specializes in the science and spirituality of emotional healing and sensory integration, a "whole soul" approach. Cherie teaches the "new feminine leadership paradigm" – and has guided thousands of women worldwide to access their voices, creativity, power, and authenticity.

  • At the age of 53 and only within the past three years, Cherie came to understand how important embodiment is to her soul's journey.
  • Cherie was always taught that the body was a vehicle for temptation and to avoid her body at all costs.
  • She was taught that a woman's body is something to be feared, subjugated, and controlled.
  • Each person has the sovereign right to know themselves fully and to express themselves fully, even when their own truth isn’t aligned with yours.
  • Yoga and her love of knowing the divine feminine led Cherie to embrace her body and its wisdom.
  • Cherie shares personal stories of awakening and her love of helping to liberate women through the power of personal discernment, and to trust their bodies inherent knowing.
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