Episode 117

Natalie Claire - Strip Clubs, Sex Work & Spirituality


March 9th, 2022

1 hr 4 mins 8 secs

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About this Episode

I loved this conversation with Natalie Claire because it’s rich, deep, and revelatory!

We don't often put certain concepts together in our society, such as sexuality and spirituality or topless dancing and mindfulness. That’s part of the problem; we make assumptions about whether something is good or bad, hot or holy. What if it’s just about something far more interesting?

In this conversation, Natalie and I explore visibility and sexuality from different vantage points and how our upbringing and social conditioning played a part in getting our needs met or not. We also clear the decks about assumptions around what sexuality and spirituality have in common and how each person's journey and experience can be wildly different from the other.

  • Why are sexuality and sex work such taboo subjects?
  • How can we invite every part of ourselves out into the open without editing ourselves?
  • How can we uncover, explore, and integrate all the paradoxes within ourselves without compartmentalizing?
  • What makes us feel safe and seen to ourselves to fully reveal or fully express ourselves?
  • How can we change our perspective on sex work and stripping and get away from the stigmas and assumptions attached to those?
  • How do different people feel seen or identify with invisibility or freedom from societal norms?

Natalie is a holistic coach, therapist, and mindfulness teacher who spent 14 years working as a stripper. She has been a dedicated Buddhist practitioner since 2006, the same year that she began dancing in strip clubs. In 2009, she hit her alcoholic bottom and stepped through the doors of recovery. Over the last 12+ years, she has been uncovering, welcoming, and integrating all parts of herself. She has come to learn that we can truly feel that we belong in this world by inviting every part of ourselves to the table with compassion, care, and love. It is her passion, joy, and honor to support others in the process that has, and continues to, heal every part of her.

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