Episode 121

Coco Groothuis - The Power of Cycles in Work and Life


April 6th, 2022

1 hr 1 min 40 secs

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About this Episode

As a female entrepreneur, until I learned the practice of self-care, I was always burning the midnight oil and highly susceptible to being sick and overwhelmed with anxiety and racing thoughts.

Throw in motherhood and my monthly menstrual cycles, and my life became absolute chaos!

When I look back, it can really make me sad to realize how disconnected I was from my body, its cycles, and the important conversations that are neglected in our culture as it pertains to women, our health, and our access to different aspects of ourselves based on where we are in our moon cycles as well as the seasons of our lives.

In this episode, Coco Groothuis and I talk about re-learning what it means to be a modern woman in the world by remembering the wisdom of our bodies, our cycles, and how to sync our own rhythms to the natural rhythms of mother earth and the seasons.

Listen in as Coco shares how she began to draw from these practices and has built upon them to help other women live and work in ways that could support and nourish vs. undermine and deplete. She coaches women with tools and theories that help us amplify our gifts by honoring our bodies' cycles and messages and by shifting from time to energy management.

Coco also shares additional revelations she’s had through her pregnancy and the deeper wisdom her body gives her access to as she gets closer to being a first-time mother.

In this episode:

  • Why is it important to recognize the four seasons in our lives and businesses?
  • Learn how the cycle of the moon and/or your menstruation can help you access your creativity and purpose.
  • Learn the difference between energy management and time management.
  • Why does hard work alone not automatically lead to the most successful and fulfilling life?
  • What is the dark time?
  • How can our seasons inform our energy?
  • Why wintertime and autumntime are so important in women's lives and why we often forget them.
  • How nature can teach us to return to our inner nature and essence and show us the path to success?
  • Why is it so important for women to do the emotional work, and how can this even help your job/business?

Coco grew up in Haarlem (The Netherlands) and runs her consulting business from her current hometown of Ijmuiden. She has a clear vision for the future. In this, she sees a major role for female entrepreneurs, who, through their natural gift to connect and create unity, build mutual business structures that embrace inclusiveness, diversity, and sustainability. She helps soul-driven female entrepreneurs to do business cyclically, according to their natural rhythm.

She has discovered my own natural flow through years of research and experimenting, feeling what works and what doesn’t, and following the natural cycles of ebb and flow. This allowed her to finally work and live in a new, healthy, structured way. This was when she developed the course FROM TIME MANAGEMENT TO ENERGY MANAGEMENT. In this course, she combines different tools and theories from working with the seasons, the Bullet Journal Method, and the moon's rhythm with her personal experience coaching individual entrepreneurs.

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