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Sara and Charlotte Vetter - Mother-Daughter Healing

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I hope you enjoy this moving and provocative interview on Mother Daughter healing with Sara and Charlotte Vetter.

I became aware of the mother wound in my life at an early age but had no idea how common it was. It was not until I viewed my relationships through a patriarchal lens that I was able to see more clearly how this dynamic is established and then passed down through the generations.

I think this is a subject that’s critically important and is finally being revealed. I am deeply grateful for the love and liberation modeled in this episode between these two beautiful women because this work takes so much courage and self-reflection. I’m honored they trusted me to facilitate the interview- it was a gift to witness.

“For daughters growing up in a patriarchal culture, there is a sense of having to choose between being empowered and being loved.” - Bethany Webster

In this episode you’ll hear about:

  • Sara’s breakdown and divorce when Charlotte was 12 years old.
  • The Mother Wound and how it’s passed through the generations from mother to daughter.
  • Hear Charlotte describe what it was like to witness her mother's unhappiness and how she coped as a teenager.
  • Hear about Sara and Charlotte's patriarchal upbringing and how they chose different paths.
  • Why does generational trauma get passed down in a patriarchal culture?
  • How Charlotte and Sara made their way back to each other after distance and healing.
  • Charlotte’s interest in “next culture” and sustainable and community living.
  • Historically, women have internalized toxic messages which condition us to believe that our worth is tied to patriarchal values such as our level of production, or our identity as wife, caretaker, and mother- and how this is changing.
  • As more women awaken to our worthiness and sufficiency in the Sophia Century, we break the generational patterns that keep us in oppressive behaviors of self-sacrifice, and disempowerment while teaching our daughters to do the same.

Charlotte Vetter is a playful powerhouse with a deep devotion to living an awakened life. Her mission is to ignite inspiration through transformative and impactful experiences while empowering individuals with the tools to feel resourced and radically expressed.

Known for her soul blueprint evolutionary astrology readings and engaging live classes, Charlotte’s approach is strong, yet graceful. By bringing levity to challenges, she guides her clients to honor themselves, while breaking through blockages to reprogram body and mind. The result? A life filled with more radiant JOY.

Sara Vetter is the Managing Director of the Soul of Money Institute and is a coach, consultant, workshop leader, keynote speaker and strategist.
She has been working with the Soul of Money Institute since 2001 and has become a key player in all the initiatives of the institute, working in partnership with Author and Founder Lynne Twist.

She is also the Major Gift Officer and fundraiser extraordinaire for the Pachamama Alliance, raising millions of dollars a year for the last 12 years- Pachamama alliance is an alliance between indigenous people of the Amazon and conscious committed people in the modern world and has raised millions of dollars and led and participated in more than 20 delegations and leads high level immersion trips to the Amazon Rainforest
Sara has played a leadership role with the Nobel Women's Initiative, working closely with the six Nobel Women Peace Prize Laureates on fundraising, strategy and special delegations. Sara has co-led delegations to Dharamsala, India to see his Holiness the Dalai Lama, the Democratic Republic of Congo to work with Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee. She also co-led a coalition to Liberia working closely with Ms. Gbowe and Nobel Laureates Jody Williams, Mairead Maguire and Shirin Ebadi.

Sara is also a member of the WPO (Women’s Presidents Organization).
Sara’s effectiveness in producing results for the Soul of Money Institute and Pachamama Alliance are legendary. It was her initiative that landed Lynne Twist’s interview on Oprah's Super Soul Sunday in 2016.

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