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Pat Duckworth - The Revelation of Menopause

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Chemistry is important to me, as are relationships. I usually conduct what I call “chemistry calls” before I agree to interview a guest on the podcast. Pat and I had some chemistry. I immediately fell in love with her accent, authenticity, and humor. So much that 90 minutes later, we were still gabbing away.

I loved our conversation. Pat is both wise and hysterical! She’s taken menopause into a whole new realm making it much more adventurous and accessible for women ready to experience this rite of passage through another lens.

Pat approaches this subject differently, revealing to women what an honor it is and a positive rite of passage vs. the signaling of negative things to come.

  • How Pat chose the title of her first book: Hot Women Rock.
  • We discuss where menopause fits in the archetypical journey from maiden to mother to crone
  • How cycles mark the passing of time for women and how women can learn to adjust to the cycles even when no longer menstruating.
  • Why we often dismiss our wise women instead of honoring them
  • How physical changes play a role in how we feel
  • Why menopause is more than hot flashes and ending cycles- so much more!

Pat Duckworth is a best-selling author, an international speaker, and a specialist in the area of wellness at menopause. She enjoyed a 30-year career in the British Civil Service, becoming a Director in a major Department. She has written five books on women’s health in midlife. In 2021 her book, Menopause: Mind the Gap, was given a 9/10 rating by getAbstract.Pat is a naturally-gifted public speaker, bringing humor and authenticity to her fact-filled presentations. Pat has worked with organizations in the Public and Private Sectors, including HMRC, ONS, Thomson Reuters, ProQuest, Galliard Homes, Cheshire Fire Service, Kameo Recruitment,& Cambridge University Press. Pat received the ‘Heart and SpiritAward’from the Evolutionary BusinessCouncilin 2022

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