Episode 130

Gina Clover - Our Lady of the Apocalypse


June 8th, 2022

1 hr 5 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

Meet Gina Clover.

I adore her for sharing her mind and heart through her substack writing by challenging the dominant narrative in our culture around money, capitalism, and business as usual.
Basically, she’s not buying it when it comes to consumer culture and the insidious ways that it undermines the fabric of our society. Join us as we take a deep dive into the disguised gift of a personal apocalypse and how it disrupts the trance as well as the mind virus that infects our culture with the toxic myths of scarcity. This episode will either piss you off or have you cheering, but either way - your response is welcome. Sometimes we have to get messy and real in order to reveal and heal what’s been ailing us.

  • In this episode you’ll hear Gina’s exploration of Capitalism and how it’s intimately tied to other systems of oppression.
  • Gina’s future vision and her invitation to co-create a better world.
  • What is animism and how to distinguish it from spirituality + her endeavor to build a community where people can co-create a future, grieve the current reality, and honor what they most value.
  • The story of her own personal apocalypse and what it taught her.
  • Why she decided to call her substack “A Girl Has No Brand”
  • Learn what “collapse-aware” rites of passage mean and how it applies to where we are now.
  • Hear about what Gina describes as life’s invitations to radicalize. Why humor, collaboration, and community are the keys to the future.

Gina is an animist witch and rites of passage guide who centers her work around anticapitalism and ecological re-enchantment. She offers radical presence and compassion to those who want to move into the seasonal reality of their lives in full awareness that the world as we’ve known it is disintegrating, bringing a collapse-aware approach to moving into maturity and relational leadership. She believes we break the spell of modernity by doing this work together. Gina is also a plant medicine integration guide who loves to help people bring animist enchantment into their lives. In the secular world, Gina holds an undergraduate degree in Critical Theory from NYU, as well as an MFA from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts in Writing for Film and Television, and is a professional writer.

She currently lives in a 150-year-old Victorian Church in New York’s Hudson Valley, where she and her partner are creating a sanctuary called “Our Lady of the Apocalypse”, creating a community space for grief, skill-sharing, ritual, beauty, and unlearning, finding our way through the darkness together, awake in the burning forest of the world.

The ways in which the intertwining of capitalism and spirituality is actually at the very heart of the climate crisis and ecocide – the ecological crisis is a deeply “spiritual” crisis arising from the intentional erasure and destruction of ancestral traditions and animist relationships to land and earth– erasure and destruction that was very explicitly in the service of colonial capitalism. So what is needed in the face of these crises is a spiritual response/atonement/reconciliation, but perversely, almost all of what passes for spirituality right now occurs in a deeply capitalist, neoliberal framework that neuters and sublimates all spiritual impulse back into the patterns of hyperindividualism, commodification, consumption, and the society of the spectacle, perpetuating the root causes of the crisis instead of offering a potentially vital response to it.

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