Episode 131

Dr. Dorothy Neville - One World Community and the Future of Women’s Leadership


June 15th, 2022

1 hr 8 mins 56 secs

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About this Episode

I’m thrilled to introduce you to Dr. Dorothy A. Martin- Neville, Ph.D., a powerful visionary, who is also a pioneer, mover, and risk-taker who is faith and humor-driven as well as committed to transformation and growth.

Dr. Dorothy’s story is incredibly inspirational and you’ll connect immediately to the warmth and humor she exudes as she tells her story of resilience after growing up in an orphanage from birth till age 3 as an illegitimate daughter of an unwed mother in South Boston. Once she was adopted, she lived in a playpen on the outside porch until she was 6 years old so that her grandmother didn’t have to acknowledge her existence inside the house.

Fast forward and Dr. Dorothy is the author of several books such as Real Women Change The World: Letting the Good Girl Die so the Real Women Can Live, where she shares the importance of emotional intelligence, mindset, mindfulness, and communication as imperative tools for women in leadership.

She is also an international speaker, author, consultant/master coach, and frequent radio, podcast, and television guest is also Past-President of the National Speakers Association – CT and the founder of 4 companies.
In this episode you’ll hear:

  • Why do so many people choose to live in illusion- stuck in jobs that they hate or lives that don’t fulfill them.
  • We stay in situations that deplete us because there is a payoff in staying.
  • What is the story of “the victim” and how can you get out?
  • Why stagnancy in your life will eventually make you sick
  • What women’s leadership makes possible in the world.
  • How Dorothy’s traumatic upbringing informed her life helped her become who she is today.
  • What is the “risk” of transformation?
  • Why women are uniquely suited for helping the world to unify in a global community.

A psychotherapist, Dr. Dorothy was in practice for 25+ years. As a motivational speaker, Dr. Dorothy brought a history of living in an orphanage, being adopted and raised in the housing projects of South Boston in a violent alcoholic home. She later became a Catholic nun, an international airline stewardess, and so much more, showing that faith, humor, and passion make anything possible.

Today, whether supporting individual clients in recognizing and living their Purpose or supporting CEOs in creating a culture of Purpose within their organization, Dr. Dorothy brings first-hand knowledge of the challenges facing those who want to live and work in a culture that feeds rather than drains them.
In that light, Dorothy has supported highly successful women from all levels of success, from Park Ave, NYC to a small town in Maine. Consequently, patterns and similarities in leadership are readily understood as she brings extensive wisdom, knowledge, and experience to the table. Combining her recognition that mindset and communication skills set us apart, with her ability to make the complicated simple, Dr. Dorothy is someone to learn from whether as a speaker, trainer, coach, or consultant.

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