Episode 149

Sage Polaris - When Less is More: How I Take 4 Months Off Per Year & Why You Can Too!


November 9th, 2022

1 hr 2 mins 48 secs

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About this Episode

Making and taking space in my business has been the greatest gift that I have given myself and my creative projects, including my podcast!

This past summer I took four months off and went to long dreamed of places like Peru, and Scotland and also got to take time to really relax, plan, create and take extended time with family and friends.
Sage Polaris has been my inspiration for developing this more spacious way of being and living and I’m experiencing it as a more "feminine way" of leading and balancing my life and business, so I invite you to join me as I explore this concept through several episodes this season.

I’ve come to see how depleted I always was and how I had become my own worst boss when it came to my business. I was overwhelmed, uninspired and exhausted all the time, and never felt like I could take time away - which is exactly what we are conditioned to do as business owners and "industrial workers”- especially if you happen to be a generator type in human design.

Experts like Sage helped me understand how to automate and streamline my business and help me identify areas where I could use some additional support.
Once I began to taste what it felt like to automate certain things, I began to have more space for rest, fun, creativity, and so much more.

The big shift for many entrepreneurs is setting the foundation from which they can scale their business. Sage Polaris is one of those professionals who is all about supporting other female entrepreneurs to create thriving a business that takes care of us and provides endless opportunity for rest and regeneration. I’m so excited for you to experience her magic! Listen in to this episode for the secret code to take advantage of a very special offer.

  • How Sage became an entrepreneur
  • How she got fired up to help women achieve their entrepreneurial goals based on what some guy said.
  • The Book that changed everything and began to give her more confidence to set out on her own.
  • How Sage realized she did not create her business to be her own worst boss.
  • She began instituting "Fun Fridays" and started taking 4 months off.
  • Lifecation is the word Sage uses to express the time she enjoys taking adventures and getting her head into the creative clouds
  • How Sage partnered with her husband to redefine their roles in their parenting relationship in order to bring incremental change to her work/life balance.
  • Why taking time and creating space allows you to make more of an impact and even earn more.
  • How can we create a business that takes care of us?
  • Why Sage wants the women in her life to out-earn the men in their lives because that money goes back to the community because women tend to do more generous things for others with the money they earn.
  • Why templates are such an incredible way to assist us in making space for our businesses
  • Why every entrepreneur needs to invest in "copy” and why templates are such a wonderful way to go.
  • The Color Coded Copy System can help us identify the 4 types of buyers and how they think and how they purchase.
  • Why Sage loves coaching entrepreneurs on how to bring a human touch to their business practices and get related to your clients and customers.
  • How to grow your side hustle into your business.
  • Learn about the Color Coded Copy System and how this particular episode invites women to close the gap with a special offer from Sage.
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