Episode 150

Megan Jo Wilson and Libby Bunten: REMEMBERING OURSELVES ALIVE Through the Values of the Feminine


November 16th, 2022

1 hr 19 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

I think it's safe to say that entrepreneurs and businesswomen are done with antiquated notions of "business as usual."

In our journeys as successful female entrepreneurs, we are creating new definitions for what it means to "work" and seeking and creating spaces that give us room to be who we are in both/ and our businesses and lives without all of the striving, overwhelm, and exhaustion.

As more women and men awaken to the feminine, we embrace and integrate new modalities, embodiment practices, and tools that enhance our connection to ourselves, each other, and our world.
Instead of living from a place of force, we are living from flow and attuning to the messages of our bodies and souls- leaving plenty of space on our calendars to remember our need to rest, regenerate, dance, and play.

As more of us lean into our intuition and allow ourselves to be guided by our senses, we learn to include and leverage the gifts we used to suppress and hide. We are expressing and exposing what's outrageous about us because invariably- what is outrageous in us is also the animating spirit of our soul- the unique and vital part that remembers that we are alive!

In this episode, Libby and Megan Jo talk about

  • How each of us starts our day by centering feminine values as we get shit done.
  • How Megan Jo and Libby became entrepreneurs and how they are leading women to redesign their businesses.
  • Our new definition of "outrageous" and how it keeps us in a state of creativity.
  • What is "jiggle therapy," and why loving your thighs will change your life and business!
  • The difference between clearing emotions and INCLUDING emotions in the boardroom and beyond.
  • Why the masculine is awesome and the patriarchy sucks for everyone.
  • Practical ways to extract yourself from the conditioned impulse to "be busy" all the time.
  • Why we can't continue to separate business from personal.
  • Why starting your own business is a wonderful roller coaster ride.
  • Why taking a dance break is a valuable way to express the energy that needs to move.
  • Why suffering and sacrifice is not a badge of honor and why grind culture deadens us.
  • Why collaboration is Sexy AF
  • How to make new rules in business and why women are taking our pleasure to new heights as part of the "business plan."
  • Why women are no longer manning up.
  • Why we need to premeditate the magic of taking time off.
  • Why the tiniest sip of pleasure will always get you through the day.
  • The pitfalls most women fall into when it comes to business and why we have new radical choices at our fingertips that can change everything.
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