Episode 186

Libby Bunten - Our Pilgrimage Home


October 18th, 2023

1 hr 24 mins 25 secs

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About this Episode

In this episode, Monica and Libby kick off a new season with a playful conversation about their journeys of unbecoming and the transformative power of pilgrimage.

They discuss the importance of pleasure, rest, and play, and by embracing these aspects, we can redefine success and create space in our lives to express new values and reach new states of illumination, peace, and wholeness. They delve into the challenges of pursuing desires despite societal expectations, family responsibilities, and internalized patriarchal voices that hinder self-approval.

Monica shares a bit about her pilgrimage to Crete, a 16-day goddess pilgrimage filled with rich cultural experiences. They explore the significance of taking “unreasonable” amounts of time off, breaking free from societal expectations, and reorienting themselves to new realities upon return.

The podcast also delves into the power of sisterhood, the power of witness, and the longings to be in supportive and courageous practices with other women. These are the most beneficial for befriending the nervous system, embracing all parts of the Self, and creating new life possibilities.

If you resonate with UNBECOMING then follow this invitation to self-discovery and transformation; visit jointherevelation.com/unbecoming to schedule a free call and embark on your untangling of patriarchal patterns that keep you stuck in the “box” of conformity.

Topics discussed:

  • The transformative power of pilgrimages
  • Redefining success through pleasure, rest, and play
  • Overcoming societal expectations and internalized patriarchal voices
  • Embracing rest and taking time off as a birthright
  • The power of humor and desire
  • Creating sisterhood spaces for self-discovery and growth
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