Episode 25

Vanessa Ryerse - In the flow


May 27th, 2020

56 mins 45 secs

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About this Episode

Meet my dear friend Vanessa Ryerse. She is an entrepreneur, an ordained pastor a working artist, and a mother. I first learned of Vanessa when I heard her on Rob Bell’s Podcast The Robcast a couple of years ago and I knew I had to reach out and know her more deeply.

It turns out, she’s my people, and our initial conversation actually sparked a desire in me to begin my own podcast. Vanessa helped me realize that I wanted to give women who are doing powerful work in the world a bigger platform to share their ideas, revelations and work. She’s talented, open-hearted, rebellious, and thinks about things deeply - with her heart.

When Vanessa talks you want to lean in and listen real close so you don’t miss something magical. She’s always making beautiful things and she’s always integrating and building bridges for herself and for others between the human and the divine.

Vanessa pastors at her start up: Vintage Fellowship in Fayetteville with her husband Rob. They have four children, biological and adopted, ranging from college to preschool. She sells in two Etsy shops: one for vintage home decor and clothing, The Classic Butterfly, and another featuring her broken china mosaic art, The Mosaic Butterfly.

Listen in as we talk about her new sermon series, her own understanding of Patriarchy, her religious trauma, how she’s shifting the narrative of gender hierarchy with progressive theology and so much more.

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