Episode 35

Alyssa Neill: Nourishment From the Inside Out


August 5th, 2020

59 mins 37 secs

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About this Episode

Alyssa describes herself as a walking paradox so I found myself feeling right at home in our very progressive discussion with a surprise “ending." It also happened to be National Orgasm Day, so, there’s that. You're welcome.

Alyssa Neill is a holistic Registered Dietitian, Certified Life Coach, in-training Quantum Alignment Human Design Analyst, and a Nourishment Evangelist, who deeply enjoys exploring all the avenues of nourishment, including & especially (!) those that are culturally taboo.

She works with clients one on one in her private practice and hosts groups, intensives, and retreats. Alyssa loves nothing more than creation, expression, learning, and connecting. She climbs, dances, hikes, and adores being anywhere outside.

Alyssa is a Human Design G-Center Authority Projector, a Cancer Sun, Pisces Moon, and Capricorn Rising. While she appreciates all of these ways to define who she might be in relation to you, she also loathes when people try to define her.

This episode covers:

  • Reclaiming How We Nourish.
  • Nourishment guided by the body's wisdom.
  • Stripping away the externalized authority and conditioning (e.g. "you should look like this," "you must eat less," "be smaller here," "bigger here," "bad foods," "be neat," "chew quieter," "don't fart," "that's inappropriate," "masturbation is a sin," "not ladylike," etc.) and reacquainting ourselves with our Selves and our Senses.
  • Nourishment guided by our Individualized Inner Authority & Senses (via sensation).
  • Less socially acceptable modalities/avenues of nourishment: creative expression, sexuality, sensuality, being int the body, intimacy, etc.
  • Why? Well, great damn question. Our life-soul trajectories are often so externalized. We don't trust ourselves because we have been taught not to.
  • We have been taught to live within the very specific, often very comfortable structure of existence, and while it has worked well for some, for many of us it a) causes dis-ease if we try to ignore our soul-purpose by overriding internal signaling b) leads us to numbing out c) puts our power outside of ourselves (i.e. consumerism, judgment culture, shame-guilt as drivers), which in turn paralyzes us d) causes massive amounts of confusion, pressure, and tension


  • Alyssa was the one who would bring up uncomfortable conversations at the dinner table.
  • She didn’t realize that she was pushing the envelope.
  • Stories that reveal Alyssa’s humanity.
  • Alyssa’s work in the world is to meet Women where they are and begin the conversation about nourishment, and all avenues of nourishment including menstruation, food, emotional health, sexual health, allowing sensation and pleasure.
  • Norms don’t resonate with Alyssa.
  • Western society has conditioned us to be separate from our nourishment.
  • Alyssa remembers being an adolescent and becoming very self-conscious due to development at an early age.
  • We’ve been conditioned to think of sex as predatory vs. a natural part of coming into our sexual essence.
  • An experience with disordered eating became a catalyst for Alyssa to recognize her disconnection from her body and her radiance.
  • Disorder creates disease - because it makes us separate from the truth of who we are.
  • Sensation (sensuality) is a huge part of nourishment.
  • Our bodies are super organisms working synergistically - even our microbiome responds to what we are feeling.
  • When we are in our senses we are not overthinking.
  • Alyssa works with clients to help them reframe the narratives they might have around food, body, and everything.
  • When we are caring for ourselves we glow with radiance.
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