Episode 64

Laura Clark - Listening to the Signs

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In this episode, Monica and Laura dive into the world of intuition and how our soul wisdom can read the signs that can lead us where we need to go.

Laura Clark is one of those beautiful souls you meet along the way that gently nudges you to look more deeply at the signs that are always within our view if we dare to look, trust and believe in them.

This interview was so fun because Laura and I love geeking out on signs. I loved sharing our intuitive hits with each other about the growth we’ve experienced as the mystery of our lives continually unfolds with grace, sass, and a whole lot of cosmic humor.

Do you see signs in your life? After this episode, you’d likely start seeing them everywhere!

You are welcome!

Laura Clark teaches you how to access your inner knowing and align with your purpose to live your truth purposefully and passionately.

Laura Clark is also a bestselling author, engaging speaker, and founder of the Wise Living Institute & Living Your truth Sisterhood. Laura champions others to awaken their purpose and inner wisdom, and to use them as a beacon in stepping confidently and courageously forward living one’s own truth.

As a sassy and spiritual guru, Laura believes everyone can step forward to a fuller, more joyful, and abundant life.

Show Notes:

  • Living your truth is really knowing yourself intimately - who you are, what your purpose is, and taking simple, and yet courageous steps forward, having that be your foundation.
  • Laura didn't have the picket fence or the two-car garage or the 3.1 children that everybody else told her that she was going to have in her life. She was following the path of others and wasn’t happy, which eventually led to depression.
  • When we are unbalanced it's because we are not allowing ourselves to follow our creative truths the way we want to, the way we are guided to. And so the depression came because she was ignoring what she really wanted to be doing, which forced Laura to start listening to her inner wisdom and guidance.
  • The golden thread of our life runs through each and every aspect of who we are and what we do. If you look for it, you’ll see it.
  • Sometimes we have to choose a path for ourselves that has no safety net so that we can’t retreat back into the comfort of what we knew. There’s wisdom in this.
  • If you are paying attention you can start to see the signs that can lead you in the direction you need to head in.
  • There are many different languages of listening. Sometimes signs are taps, subtle nuances, patterns, number sequences, animals showing up in our line of sight.
  • Signs can also come as cosmic 2x4s. If you are not listening and paying attention, they keep coming back with more and more force, to gain your attention.
  • Sometimes waiting is the answer and you just have to wait until more is revealed.
  • All of us have access to intuition, but like anything else, you have to practice and develop your relationship with it.
  • The 6 Truths Sassy & Spiritual Souls Must Understand to Grow & Glow
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