Episode 66

Candice Hozza: Totally WOO

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Candice Hozza is an engaging, witty, and sought-after speaker. Her energetic message brings high performing and heart-centered entrepreneurs to the cutting edge of business support. Her techniques for thinking about, and aligning to, what your business actually wants will breathe new life into stuck and exhausted business owners to help them move from being stuck to being in flow. Once you get into flow, you can monetize your mission with ease.

  • Candice knew she had the gift of knowing and communicating with the spiritual world from an early age, but she shut it down because it seemed to alarm people.
  • She used to call herself “the queen of stuckness” because she was embarrassed about it and eventually knew she needed to pursue it. Until then she worked in a career that required her to be someone she was not.
  • The Akashic are a database of your soul connected to divine source that catalog a record of everything. They are a space of infinite possibility.
  • Candice taps into the Akashic records for business-women who want to understand what their business needs next. `
  • Every business has an energy and a voice, and we can access what it’s trying to tell us, and what it wants us to know.
  • The “I AM” presence is the core essence of who you are.
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