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Darla LeDoux - Shifting the Field

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Hello everyone, and welcome to another episode of the Revelation Project Podcast. Today I am with Darla LeDoux, a transformational business coach, "recovering engineer," author of Shift The Field, and founder of Sourced. Sourced helps service-based entrepreneurs [coaches, consultants, creatives, healers, and therapists] to confidently market, sell, and deliver deep transformation while being guided by their uniquely Sourced mission.

After following the formulas of other experts for years, all while downplaying her unique magic, Darla committed to doing business differently. She reclaimed her inner knowing (Sourced connection), and created the soul-led business that feels divinely right without suffering or struggle. She envisions a world in which all people access and live by their inner knowing, making it valid, valued, and visible in their most magical work.

  • There are two types of energy. There is default energy, and then there's sourced energy.
  • Default energy is all the rules we live by based on the past and trying to control the future.
  • Sourced energy feels alive and aligned and is created from the present moment.
  • We're at a place in our evolution as a society where people know that they're not really stuck. There's just something hidden from their view, so it’s our job as coaches to help them reveal what’s hidden.
  • There are three stages to the anatomy of a transformation.
  • When we are working with a client in this way, we trust that everything that’s showing up is conspiring for us to see our truth - that it all gets to belong there.
  • The structure offered in this anatomy allows us to be more in our magic and to lean into our intuitive gift.
  • The answers we seek are never going to come to us while we are safe inside of our comfort zone.
  • The paradox is that we need to learn to validate ourselves but we can't do that until we've really been seen and witnessed through another's eyes.
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