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To be with D’vorah Grenn is to sit by the fire with the wise woman, and to deeply connect to and reveal the suppressed herstory of the sacred feminine.

As a teacher and a scholar, she is a wealth of introspection, warmth and storytelling and I love both her brilliant mind, and her loving and playful heart.

D’vorah and I travel to ancient and erotic places in this episode and reveal the layers of power contained within the uncensored and creative feminine life force to discuss what’s possible as more women awaken and step into our power.

In addition to being a disciple of truth and divinity, D’vorah is also a lover of laughter and sisterhood, so I know you’ll love this episode and the revelations we share that include:

  • Why Lilith is such an important archetype for women, and why her fire needs tending.
  • Understanding that for thousands of years women have been silenced, erased, marginalized, and our opinions and preferences discounted, denigrated or mocked and why that has to change.
  • D’vorah shares her personal story about her descent into her dark night and recounts her own reclamation and spiritual awakening.
  • Contemporary thinkers have been redefining "sin" and re-visioning the erotic as a sacred life force. These concepts are so important for women to explore and embody.
  • Why women feel deeply nourished by learning more about the sacred feminine, and how it fills an inner void when we reveal hidden stories about the feminine face of the divine.
  • How religions have been part of fracturing our understanding of the divine feminine and suppressing the importance of her presence in our lives.
  • The power of women’s circles and being witnessed, received and loved in our true expression by other women in sisterhood.
  • Why Eden is a paradise, and not a prison, and how women can reclaim our power and our voices by leaning into the true mythologies and stories of the feminine, not the stories that were co-opted and shaped to fit a narrative intended to keep women oppressed and unrealized.
  • The more conversations women have about our lives, our ideas, our philosophies, our experiences and our real feelings, the more unified and collaborative we can become and the better our world will be.

D'vorah J. Grenn, Ph.D. & Kohenet/Priestess, is Founding Director, The Lilith Institute (1997). She Co-Directed the former Women's Spirituality MA Program at Institute of Transpersonal Psychology/Sofia University, and founded Mishkan Shekhinah, a movable sanctuary honoring the Sacred Feminine. An Adjunct Professor at Napa Valley College, D'vorah also serves as a spiritual mentor and guide. Her Talking To Goddess anthology includes sacred writings of 72 women from 25 traditions. Other publications include Lilith's Fire: Reclaiming Our Sacred Lifeforce; "The Kohanot: Keepers of the Flame" in Stepping into Ourselves: An Anthology of Writing on Priestesses; and the Jewish priestess and Lilith entries, Encyclopedia of Women in World Religions. Contact info: [email protected]; @lilithinstitute on Instagram, or The Lilith Institute on Facebook.

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