Episode 101

Maggie Moore - Its All Happening For You


November 17th, 2021

1 hr 16 mins 28 secs

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About this Episode

Visiting with Maggie in this episode felt like dipping my cup into a crystal-cool spring of delicious water because she is so refreshing.

Her playful, fun, engaging way of being is contagious in the best way. She’s someone who occurs to me as vibrant, open, and alive, and she brings laughter and light everywhere she goes.

In this episode, we explore death, fear, hiding, transforming, embodiment, and allowing love to bloom in our lives.

  • We all live in a story about our lives, and often we are unaware of it. Once we become aware, we can narrate it and author it how we want to live it.
  • To bear witness to someone's darkest moments and not look away is so healing and is the greatest gift we can give one another.
  • To be a truth-teller is courageous and contagious.
  • Maggie has been able to use her embodiment work with her bonus daughters, which has been a gift.
  • Pain in the body has something to tell us, and there’s information waiting to be released if we can lean in and listen.
  • Chakra Shaking is all about moving energy, tuning into the body, and engaging with the tools of the divine feminine.
  • Change isn’t about changing the pain but the story around the pain.
  • Maggie says that Reiki to her is the permission to self-heal.

Visionary Healer, Sacred Jewelry Maker, and Chakra Shaking Creator, Maggie Moore is an unstoppable force of good.

Maggie manipulates metals with intention. Her hands move energy as an empath and channel to spirit. She is directed by laughter, and her path is one of the soulful, playful teacher.

She brings her wit and good humor to all she does and gives her clients permission to laugh and release their past while holding them in a sacred space of healing.

Well-versed in hands-on and long-distance healing, Maggie has been a Reiki Master and intuitive healer for 18 years. She has crafted a career as a fine arts jeweler since 2007, which she creates into sacred talismans which work in tandem with the divine combination of her healing work. She has created a new form of healing movement called Chakra Shaking to enhance her blended gifts.

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