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Nic Frick - Career Alignment

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Gah! I love this this woman because she's so unapologetically herself! Tune in as Nic and I talk about how "the trance" shows up for women in our career and in our self care. You might be suprised to learn that by being the "work hero", you are actually demonstrating how the trance of unworthiness can sneak up on us in the most unexpected ways.

Nic Frick is a career coach, guiding women through the roller coaster of career transitions. Her holistic approach is a result of her commitment to discovering her own self-care practices and her career spanning tech, recruiting, customer service, and teaching yoga. Her programs integrate both career growth strategies and healing modalities to ensure work-life balance and sustainability for her clients.

She believes that you can have your dream job if you trust your own authority, start with your why, and lead from your values. Nic prides herself on being the best hugger anyone has ever met. She is committed to dismantling white supremacy, feels happiest on a surfboard, loves sending handwritten letters, and starts getting ready for bed at 8:15 PM.

Nic grew up in Wisconsin and has lived in Minnesota, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Peru. She is currently living with her hubby and daughter in San Francisco, California and they are obsessed with finding the tastiest food possible and avoiding winter as much as possible.

  • In 2017, before becoming a mother, Nic decided to name it “The Year of Nicole” to explore what self-love was really about. She learned, healed, and acquired many tools she now uses in her work with women.
  • Usually, women have to look at their careers in tandem with their self-care, because these are deeply connected.
  • Self-care means investigating your thoughts.
  • We have to nourish ourselves and then give to others from our overflow.
  • Women have been taught the mentality of scarcity mindset through the patriarchy, but it’s important to invest in ourselves, now more than ever.
  • Nurturing yourself can be taking a lunch break, which can mean a profound shift.
  • Women invest 90% of their income in their family and their community while men invest 30%.
  • Most women at work are facing burnout.
  • “It’s going to be hard to find a job if I don’t have a job” is a cultural lie that keeps us stuck.
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