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The Revelation Project is both an individual and holistic movement that lifts the barriers from everything that keep women from knowing their inherent wholeness and remembering that we are both human and divine. The Revelation Project Podcast explores alternative narratives to traditional patriarchal influences and investigates vulnerable and courageous topics that reveal the deeper truth. We believe that life is a revelation project and what gets revealed, gets healed.

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  • Episode 69: Alexis Artin - Transforming Women

    April 7th, 2021  |  48 mins 54 secs
    21 days, alignment, conditioning, consciousness, covid-19, dance, dimartini method, embodiment, embodiment coaching, energy leadership, female empowerment, freebody, habits, hypnotherapist, inquiry, nlp, pandemic parenting, personal growth, pleasure, programming, radiance, remembering, resources, the matrix, the mind matrix

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Alexis Artin about lasting transformation from the inside out.

  • Episode 68: Nic Frick - Career Alignment

    March 31st, 2021  |  46 mins 7 secs
    career love, careerchange, careeroptions, dance breaks, femaleceo, feminine, flow, income, love your job, lunch break, miscarriage, nourishment, overflow, patriarchy, recruiting, self love, self-care, sheeo, vacation time, work-life balance, yoga

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Nicole Frick about the importance of having a career aligned with your values.

  • Episode 67: Carole Marie Downing - Tune to Joy

    March 24th, 2021  |  52 mins 8 secs
    attunement, chord, chorus, discord, grief, happy people hum, harmony, healing, humanity, humming, instrument, losing a partner, music, music as healing, out of sync, performative, podcast, rockstar, self expression, singing, singing coach, singing your song, song, trauma, trust, ukulele, voice, widow, wisdom

    In this episode, Monica talks to Carol Marie Downing about attunement and why singing is healing for the soul.

  • Episode 66: Candice Hozza: Totally WOO

    March 17th, 2021  |  44 mins 28 secs
    akashic, akashic records, aligned business, contractions, divine feminine, divine masculine, divine source, energy, energy healing, entrepreneurs, exhausted, flow, heart centered, infinite possibility, mother mary, podcast, pregnant, spiritual world, stuck, tony robbins, womb, women in business, woo woo

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Candice Hozza about bring more WOO to your business.

  • Episode 65: Robin Winn - Born By Design

    March 10th, 2021  |  1 hr 8 mins
    books on human design, collaboration, defined root, defined sacral, generators, genius freak, genius freak channel, hawaii, hexigrams, human design, human design coach, human design facilitator, human innovation, iching, lynne twist, manifesting generators, manifestors, open centers, open root, open sacral, projectors, puzzle, reflectors, robin winn, self-love, the sophia century, understanding yourself, unity, worker bee’s of humanity

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Robin Winn about understanding yourself through Human Design.

  • Episode 64: Laura Clark - Listening to the Signs

    March 3rd, 2021  |  52 mins 52 secs
    animal medicine, cheeky, chocolate, cosmic, cosmic signs, develop your intuition, inner wisdom, intuition, laura clark, life path, listening to the sights, living your truth, mouse, practice, reading the signs, sense of humor, sisterhood, skunk, soul wise living, spider, spirit guides, spiritual, the sophia century, unbalanced, universal two by four, wisdom

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Laura Clark about the signs within the world of intuition.

  • Episode 63: Ken Mossman - Big Boys Cry

    February 24th, 2021  |  47 mins 8 secs
    accountability, aggression, big boys don’t cry, boys will be boys, capital, coactive coaching, culture, donald trump, enemy, joe biden, man box, man box culture, mens coach, modern man, mojo, podcast, q-anon, racism, raising boys, relational skills, siege on the capital building, sons, toxic male white privilege, triggered, violence, washington dc

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Ken Mossman about the siege on the capital and toxic white male privilege.

  • Episode 62: Dr. Dain Heer - No Judgment

    February 17th, 2021  |  48 mins 36 secs
    access consciousness, awe, baby stardust manifesto, being you, benevolent leadership, childhood abuse, childhood trauma, confusion, cycle of no choice, energetic centers, energetic synthesis, having your bars run, healing, intimacy, judgement is killing us, judgment, katarina wallentin, limitless leadership, method, no change, parenting, possibilities, seductive, teen suicide

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Dr. Dain Heer about the power of non-judgment to heal and access consciousness.

  • Episode 61: Vironika Wilde - LOVE & Gaslight

    February 10th, 2021  |  1 hr 6 mins
    canada, canadian, feminist, former soviet union, immigrants, inner child, innocence, love and gaslight, menstrual cycle, poems, poetry, progesterone, reclaiming, recovering, sacred, self love, sexual assault, spoken word, spoken word artist, survivor, toxic relationships, trauma, trauma triggers, vironika wilde, writing poetry

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Vironika Wilde about healing trauma through poetry.

  • Episode 60: Sandra Payne - Nurse Rx

    February 3rd, 2021  |  49 mins 53 secs
    boundaries, burnout, canyon of hope, covid, depression, essential workers, healthcare, mental illness, nurses, nurses burnout, nursing, registered nurse, snowflakes, suicide rates among healthcare workers, well-being

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Sandra Payne about the burnout of our healthcare workers, especially our nurses.

  • Episode 59: Kat Miller - The Portal of Aging

    January 27th, 2021  |  57 mins 20 secs
    age, ageism, aging, ashton applewhite, beauty industry, botox, covid-19, death and dying, dementia, discrimination, elder abuse, elders, facelifts, fear of aging, gangaji, generational healing, generations, grandparents, impermanence, indigenous people, individualism, linda freedman, nursing homes, sagging skin, societal norms, society, stereotype, ted talks, the sixth extinction, tv sitcoms, u curve of happiness, value, wisdom keepers, wrinkles

    In this episode, Monica speaks to Kat Miller about the portal of aging and the revelations about ageism.

  • Episode 58: Liz McCartney - The Human Mess & Accountability

    January 20th, 2021  |  1 hr 24 mins
    alcoholism, alt-right, anti-vaxxers, channel, collective energy, compassion, dark night of the soul, divine choreography, family dysfunction, forgiveness, generational healing, healing, illusion, liz mccartney, personal sovereignty, qanon, racism, shame, trumpets, wealth inequality, willful ignorance

    In this episode Monica and Liz define “ The mess” as something we either try to hide, or won’t hold ourselves accountable for because we don’t want to look at our own shadows, or unhealed wounds.